The name is Pest, Budapest

Today we stayed on the Pest side of the river and started the day at the St. Stephen’s Basilica which was right next to our hostel. The interior was do ornate and filled with gold. The crazy part of the church is in the back they had the hand of St. Stephen on display since it was mumified. 

After walking through the church we walked to the Parliament building which was on the river and is huge! You can do tours of the inside but we completely forgot about that and just walked around and took pictures of the exterior. Definitely will be coming back tomorrow to tour the inside.

Since Parliament is on the river we just kept walking down the path on the Danus and came by a memorial dedicated to the people who were shot along the river in 1944. Busapest (and all of Hungary for that matter) has such a sad and intense history. It was my favorite part about coming here is learning about this country I unfortunately knew so little about. When i come back I would like to spend more time to go into the museums and do a little more research on the history. 

We walked all the way down the river and o ly made a couple stops so walk into hotels to see the lobby. I highly recommend for people to take a peak into the Four Seasons Hotel because the lobby is stunning! Even if you aren’t an architecture nut or in the design field the lobby truely is a great space to see. The building used to be a retail space and after going into ruin it was renovated as a high-end hotel.  

We fi ally made it to the market but just barely in time before it closed. We did not check before but the market closes at 3 pm so made sure you get down there in time because you could spend at least an hour walking around looking at the fresh produce stands, shopping for gifts (we found things were a little cheaper here than in the commercial stores around the city) and grab some hungarian street food. We had 30 minutes to quickly walk through the dtands that were open and buy some gifts and things for ourselves. 2 minutes before 3 we each bought lángos which were delicious and definitely need to be tried. 

After the market we walked across the street to the For Sale Pub to grab a beer. it was full and you could only stay for a drink if there is a seat available, and there wasn’t. So we snapped some pictures and decided to wander. We walked to the Grand Synagogue which was my favorite architectural find on the trip. We found it around sunset so the orange glow off the exterior was perfe tion. We then walked down to the opera and the Terror Museum. Next visit I want to make sure to have enough time to check this museum out. They had boards outside the museum about the 1956 revolution which was so interesting and made me want to learn and see more!

For Sale Pub Interior

The Grand Synagogue

Terror Museum

After the long walk out and back we had to stop or a treat and the Gelarto Rosa was the cutest spot for gelato. They serve it in the shape of a rose and the gelato itself was delicious! 

We rested in the hostel for a couple hours and then headed to a ruin bar called Szimplankert to meet a friend I made in Australia a couole years ago since she was in Budapest on holiday as well! A ruin bar is a bar either inside or next to an old once abandonded building. They are apparently very popular and it was a very unique and fun space to grab a beer. We got there at 9 amd were able to walk right in and grab a beer while my German friend that we were meeting came 30 minutes later and she had to wait in a short line to get in. By the time we left at 11 the line was down the block! 

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