Buda Side

I am a huge supporter of hostels and believe they are great places to stay while traveling. I have met some incredible people and they are cheap enough that it has allowed me to afford to travel so much. The downside is they can be noisy. The hostel we stayed at in Vienna had the sleeping quarters conpletely seperate from the public area where strangers gather and socialize. The hostel we are staying at in Budapest is much smaller with 3 shared bedrooms off the public space. So this morning we could hear people going to the shared kitchen and talking and laughing, this made sleeping a little difficult. Alice and I decided to sleep in since we were tired from being woken up. This caused us to have a late start in the day which we were both ok about since we first woke up exhausted.

We started our day with a free walking tour which I always love doing. They have been offered in every city I’ve visited lately and at the end of the tour you tip what you feel it was worth. It’s great because you just walk around the city and get to learn the history and the guides are always great at gicing recommendations for places to eat and shop. We are staying on the Pest side of the river but most of the tour happened on the Buda side so we had to cross the chain bridge. 

Once on the Buda side we walked up to the Matthias Church which was stunning. I absolutely love the colorful ceramic tiles that they use on the roofs of their churches. 

Right next to the church is the Fisherman’s Bastion which offered beautiful views to the Pest side of the city. You can see the Paliament building and the church tower over the rest of the city. (fun fact: the buildings are the exact same height and by law nothing can be built higher than those structures).

After taking a ton of pictures we stopped in a cake shop by the church we found while planning our trip called Ruszwurm Cukászda and had the 2 best cakes we’ve ever tasted. They were so light yet rich with flavor. We continued walking toward the Royal Palace which was on the same hill as the church. Unlike the Pest side the Buda side is very hilly. The Royal Palace is also a museum but we opted to not go in since it was goong to be closing soon. (by the time we made it over there it was getting dark). It was an enormous building and pictures cant capture how small you feel in the courtyard being surrounded by this building.

After the palace we made the trek down the hill and over to the Citadella which is atop a fifferent hill. We had some difficulty finding the entrance and right when we decided to give up we found these huge stairs leading up to it. It was a lot of stairs and quite a hike up but the views from the top were absolutely breathtaking! We walked around the structure itself and could only find one set of stairs to get inside but they were closed off. Not sure if it was because it was 7 at that time or if you cant get inside but we were happy just seeing the view so we headed back down.

We walked back to the Pest side and grabbed dinner at the Blue Rose which was recommended by our tour guide. We had some authentic Hangarian dishes and it was super cheap. Excellent find!! Alice would argue that our best find was the Cat pub we stumbled upon while looking for dinner. It was a bar that had a whole room with cats that you can pet and play with. I really enjoyed the beer i got so it was a win win situation.

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