Plane, train, and car

Hello again everyone! Realized I haven’t posted to here in a while even though I have gone on plenty of trip in between. I promise I’ll go back and update everything soon. In the meantime you can follow my current trip to Budapest!

This trip was the definition of spontaneous. A coworker and I were working late and decided to take a break and look at flights during President’s Day weekend since we get the day off. We started small thinking a weekend in Austin, Texas or Portland, Oregan but things quickly escaladed when we saw cheap flights to eastern Europe during the off season. we were able to book a round trip flight to Budapest for only $500! This was huge since the flights to Austin and Portland were closer to $400 for a holiday weekend. We booked our flights (with the help of my 2 facorite apps Skyscanner and Hopper) and then slowly started planning and booking our hostels.



We left a Tuesday after work and took a flight to  Munich then transfered planes to get to Budapest. We then immediately took a cab to the train station to catch our 2 1/2 hour train ride to Vienna, Austria. It was a long day of traveling but we finally made it to our hostel in Vienna. The hostel was really nice and after a much needed shower and chatting with the other girl in our room who was on holiday from Poland, we passed out. Ready to see what Vienna has to offer tomorrow!

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