24 hours in Vienna

Today was a packed day with a ton of walking!! We woke up at 7 and after eating breakfast at the hostel and we were out the door and heading to our first spot. We found that the majority of things that we wanted to do were along one main road. Luckily our hostel was in the middle so we started heading west. I found Alice and I have very similar travel methods which is we each had some things we wanted to see and other than that we were ok with wandering and stopping if we saw something cool. Our first stop was the Museumsquartier which was 2 museums that faced each other with a square and statue in between them. The buildings were really beautiful but we didn’t go inside either building. To be honest all the buildings in Vienna were so nice and each one had a different facade and detailing.

The next building we stopped by was Parliamemt. It was a massive and dense building that was fitting for yhe type of builing. There was a huge elevated driveway that led up to a pergola with mosaic detailing with gold accents. It looked impressive next to the large statie infront with gold plating. We didn’t go inside but apparently the building is going through rennovations so im excited to come bavk to visit and see if it looks like the renderings they had on display.

We are still a little confused but it seemed that many of the things we wanted to see were in the same structure the Hofberg Palace but you enter different things at locations all around. One of them was the Spanish Riding School which I was super excited about after reading The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Letts (great book and I highly recommend!). It is about the Lipizzan horses during WWII and the Spanish Riding school was a huge part of the book since that8s where the horses were stabled and trained. We couldnt go inside the school or where they had shows but we did get to see the stables which was very cool for me. I never realized how centrally located the school amd stables were in Vienna. I have seen the horses perform when I was a kid and it is insane what they are capable of and how graceful and smart they are. I’m sure seeing them perform at the School is truely incredible and next time im in Vienna I will make sure to include a show.

We walked around quite a bit and made lots of stops including a couple hotel lobbies, parks, and whatever building us architecture nerds though was cool. One of those stops was the St.Stephens Cathedral. We already love it with its colorful tiled roof which i have never seen on a chirch before. Inside was also stunning but a little more inline with churches I’ve seen. To enter is free and you could go down to see the catacombs for 5 euro but we opted not to go down. 

One of the last things we stopped to see was on our list but was pretty cool was the Karls Kirche. It was very cool from the outside with its ornate volumns which is what originally drew our attention. it was 8 euro to get in and it was a very nice church but not anything too drastic from a normal church. I feel like once you’ve seen a handful or churches in Europe you start to see the similarities in design. what sold us on paying was that you can ho to the top of the dome for panoramic views of the city. You take an elevator to the dome level to see the fresco painting up close and then take stairs (quite a few. Definitely would not be dragging grandma up there). The view was not as great as we thought. the windows needed cleabing and there was a metal mesh over them on the outside so it was a little difficult to see. 

We headed back to the hostel and walked  down Naschmarket and grabbed dinner. We have not had a problem using credit cards and didnt think we would here since it was a sit down indoor restaurant. When it was time to pay the guy told Alice they dont take credit cards. Je pointed to an ATM outside but it was out of order. Since it was our last stop right before we left we did not have enough cash to cover both of us. She had to walk down the street to a different ATM to withdraw 10 euros. There was no sign stating that they did not accept credit cards and when we suggested he have something saying that he said he said he didnt need to because the ATM was right outside. Needless to say we will be asking if places accept credit card before we order in Budapest.

We then collected our stuff from the hostel luggage storage and called an Uber to the station. This is the first time i used Uber abroad and it made things so easy. I just typed where I needed to go instead of trying to mispronounce streets and communicate with someone who spoke a different language. It also was nice being able to see where he was taking us on the app. We boarded our train and headed back to Budapest where we arrived at our hostel just in time to pass out again. 🙂

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