The Lost Boys and Girls Conquer the World Showcase

Epcot was always my parent’s favorite park and now that I am an adult I understand why…..alcohol! My friends and I were very excited about drinking around the world with our matching shirts that we made (click here to see my post how how we made them) and our cheers signs for each country. The signs was just black computer paper that we carried around and then asked cast members at each country to write how they say cheers. It is such a fun way to see the various languages at the World Showcase while also interacting with the workers (who are always awesome people).

The World Showcase does not open until 11 so if you get to the park right when it opens and you plan on drinking around the world do the rides first. Even if you are not going to be drinking around the world, go straight to The Land and go on Soarin’. This ride always has a ridiculously long wait but I found if it’s the first thing you do you don’t have to wait that long. You can always get a Fast Pass for the ride but either way I recommend going, it’s a really cool experience.

Since we got a late start on this trip the only things we did before drinking was go to the Cool Club to try the different coke drinks and ride Mission SPACE. The Cool Club is right when you walk in to the right of the fountain and is a must. They have 8 different types of Coke products that are only sold in other countries, some are delicious and there is one that I always forget I don’t like and end up drinking it anyway. We walked over to Future World which is to the left of the entrance. I only go o the “Green Team” which is the less intense version of Mission Space. It is a motion simulator but just not as rough as the original ride. It is so much fun and even get the riders involved by making them press buttons etc. while the lift off is happening. One of the boys in our group always goes on the “Orange Team” which is the original rougher ride and he loves it. It is a fun ride and I love that they have 2 versions so more people can ride it.



Once we finished going on Mission Space we started our drinking adventure in Mexico. I would start with Mexico because I would hate to end a day of drinking with tequila. The best drinks are inside the Mexican Pavilion at the La Cava which is to the right. My favorite drinks are the Pomegranate Margarita and the Wild Passion Fruit Margarita. I have also tried the Jalapeno one which was very interesting and tasted pretty good but I could not imagine drinking an entire glass, it was spicy. The drinks in La Cava are a little more pricey than the standard ones sold outside the pavilion but I think it’s worth it. I have tried all the frozen margaritas sold outside and they are also very tasty. There is Lime, Strawberry, and Mango. My favorite is the lime but what’s great is that you can mix which ever flavor you want which is a great way to try all 3 if you want. We spent the most time in Mexico walking around trying on hats and taking pictures and being silly. Then we went on the little boat ride inside the pavilion which shows scenes of Mexico and has Donald Duck and the other 2 amigos. It’s a cute ride and usually has no wait.


Norway was one of the few places we got food and a drink. Sofi got the Lefse pastry which is a potato flatbread rolled with cinnamon butter and was delicious! For drinks we had the Viking Coffee which has Kamora Coffee Liquor and Baileys Irish Cream. This drink was like a dessert and went really well with the Lefse. I’ve also had the Carlsberg Beer which is a nice pilsener but don’t expect anything special. We went on the Maelstrom ride but now it was removed and is going to be replaced with a Frozen themed ride.



I always get drinks at Joy of Tea which is right outside the pavilion gateway entrance by the lagoon. I always get the Green Tea Plum Slush with plum wine because it is amazing! Definitely my favorite drink in the World Showcase.



If you are a beer drinker like me you will love Germany. They have great options that you can’t find at the grocery store. My favorite is the Altenmunster Oktoberfest and reminds me a little like the Sam Adams Octoberfest. It is a very smooth and refreshing beer and I have not seen it anywhere else except at Epcot. I also really like the Hovels beer which has a very interesting taste. It is a little bitter and sweet and you can taste a little coffee taste. The final beer I’ve tried there is the Radeberger Pilsner which is a more common beer and very light in taste. I feel like it’s the budwiser version of the beers in this country.




We had the Italian Sangria and the Bellini. Both were delicious but they come in a smaller cup so you get get a whole lot for your buck. You can go into the Enoteca which is located at the front of the Pavilion on the right side and they have a much larger selection of wines that are sold by the glass/ plastic cup and are much cheaper than the drinks we got.


Good ol’ MERICA! The selection of beers here are pretty limited to Sam Adams, Budwiser, and Yingling. If you go to the stand at the very end of the Pavilion right before you enter Japan has some beers from the Abita brewery. I got the Purple Haze which is a sweeter beer with a raspberry taste. It was perfectly refreshing on such a hot day.


The Tokyo Sunset is the best drink in this country and has coconut rum, peach schnaps, banana liquor, and pineapple juice. It is pretty sweet but super delicious! You can find the stand that sells it by walking through the middle of the pavilion and finding it on your left side. I am not a big fan of Japanese beers and they sell all the pretty common ones like Kirin and Sapporo. I have heard that they sell some mixed drinks with sake that are really good.




Not a lot of selection in this country for drinks. They have a Casa Beer which tastes like a budwiser and is the cheapest drink to get. On a hot day this will work. They also have some frozen drinks with cute names referencing Morocco but in the end they are just a plain pina colada, strawberry daquery, and a margarita. Morocco is my favorite place for food!! I absolutely love middle eastern food and there are some super yummy selections here. I have ate in the Restaurant Marrakesh in this country multiple times and have never been disappointed. In the restaurant I’ve tried the Lemon Chicken Tangine, Shish Kebab, Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread, and the Roast Lamb Meshoui.




At this point we were running out of time so we quickly grabbed drinks and didn’t hang out long in the countries. We bought the 2 specialty drinks they had with Grey Goose (Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush and Grand Marnier & Grey Goose Orange Slush) both were very yummy but also pretty pricey. They are not as sweet as you would think they are but mask the alcohol very well. I preferred the Grand Marnier & grey Goose Orange Slush drink. If you walk down the fountain to the back of the Pavilion there is a little area called the Boulangerie Patisserie that sells pastries and more drinks. This is my favorite place for deserts and they have a huge selection. I love their macaroons but anything you get will be wonderful!




The best part of having U.K. being at the end of the drinking around the world is having Fish and Chips with your beer. At this point you need something a little heavy to absorb all the alcohol you consumed and nothing satisfies your drunk craving better than fried food. The options for drinks are pretty standard but there is a larger list for beer options than some of the other countries. I really enjoy UK beers so I’m always happy with whatever I order. I also know most of the beers because they are brands that are more easily obtained in your normal life. If you are looking for a lighter beer I would go with a Stella which is very smooth and light, it is my favorite everyday beer. Guinness is always a crowd pleaser and a dark beer and then Bass is a light beer that I think is a little watered down but nowhere near as bad a budwiser. You can go into the Rose & Crown Pub (the building we are standing in front of in the image below) but I never order my drinks there because it is usually super crowded. Right infront of the pub are two green stands, the one on the right is where you check in to sit down in the pub for dinner and the one on the left serves beer (this is where we also grab our beers). If you walk between these 2 stands and make a left there is a nice seating area next the lagoon and it is usually pretty empty because people think it is part of the seating for the restaurant. Don’t be fooled because at this point you will want to sit and  enjoy your food and beer and take a little breather.




Finally we reached Canada, the last country in the World Showcase! By this time we were all loud messes who just finished having an amazing time walking around Epcot drinking, signing shirts, and talking with patient cast members. Canada doesn’t have the widest selection in drinks but at this point we did not care, it was the end. We picked random drinks so we could just write them on the shirt and call it a successful day. The lucky random drinks we tried was the Torontopolitan and the Moosehead beer. The Moosehead beer has a little bit more flavor than a Budwiser but not much. The Torontopolitan was a typical cosmopolitan with a fancy Canadin-themed name.



We were able to get some FastPasses for Test Track but because we booked them so last minute the only available times were at 7 so after drinking in Canada a few of us booked it back to the Future World to go on the ride. They changed the ride a lot since the last time I went on it. It is more Tron inspired so very futuristic with the neon lights. The coolest part is that you get to design the car that you are testing on a screen. It’s a great way to kill some time since there is always a wait for Test Track.

I know it’s not cheap to drink around the world but you can definitely do it on a budget by looking up online before you go where to find the cheapest drinks or even doing like we did and budding up to spliting drinks. Megan and I alternated who paid for the drinks in each country and just split the glass. We also all shared the various drinks we got in each country so everyone was able to try a bunch of new things. With our shirts filled with all the drinks we had we stumbled our way back to the monorail. 
completed t-shirts

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