Dream Came True…I’m Living in Downtown Chicago!

Where to start!?

I know it has been a while since I have posted and yet so much has happened. This year has been an incredible one with many travels and life changes.

So I will start with the biggest change in my life and that is I am finally starting my life in Chicago. After a month and a half of very aggressive job searching I landed a job with a design firm in downtown. I toke the 45 minute train from the suburbs to the city for a couple weeks and then went apartment hunting before my London trip (stay tuned for updates on that trip).  I spent an entire Saturday looking at apartments and driving around neighborhoods that were a little outside the city center since that is all I could afford. The last apartment of the day was in the middle of downtown and a 10 minute walk to work. I immediately fell in love with the little studio apartment and all the character of the historical building. I even have a view of the John Hanncock Building from my apartment, granted it’s just the top but still! It was a mad rush to sign the lease, pay the security deposit all while packing days before my trip and still trying to figure out my new job. It was a crazy couple days but it was all worth it because now I live in an amazing location in a building filled with wonderful people who have become my friends. I’m so excited to see everything this city has to offer and you can check out the places I visit in Chicago in the “My Backyard” tab.


Now for the really exciting part…furniture shopping!!! I always knew I was coming to Chicago so I didn’t want to invest in nice furniture which means everything was mismatched hand-me-downs and garage sale finds. I also hated spending money on furniture because I compare everything to a plane ticket. Do I want to spend $200 on a dresser or a flight to New York for the weekend? Traveling always wins. I bought a couple pieces but I still have a ways to go before this place is complete.

apartment furniture

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