My Life in the Trunk of a Versa

Today I packed pretty much my entire life and squeezed it all in the trunk of my little Nissan Versa to head to Chicago. I was born and raised in Miami but I have wanted to try a different city since I was in high school. I was fortunate enough with many opportunities in Florida so I stayed. I kept telling myself I’ll move once I finish x, y, z. The biggest of these challanges that I put in my way of moving was passing the NCIDQ test. After taking 2 in the fall and 1 in the spring I found out I didn’t pass any. This is when I realized I needed to stop complicating things for myself and just take the plunge and finally do what I kept pushing aside. So I quit my job in June, traveled for a couple months, and now I’m finally moving to the windy city. I know that all sounds crazy but I have thought everything out and budgeted down to the dime so I could make all this happen. I will give credit when it’s due and none of this would have been possible without the love and support from my family and friends. Not only have they supported and encouraged me through my decision they have opened their doors to me. My parents let me move back home for a couple months when my lease was up and now my friend is letting me stay with her in Chicago until I find my own place.


As for the trip up, I’m not driving straight from Ft.Lauderdale to Chicago because lets face it im still unemployed and have the free time. I’m first stopping at my grandma’s in Orlando to see her. Then off to Georgia to spend some time with family and see Atlanta. My final stop before Chicago is Kentucky where I’m staying with a friend and wandering around Louisville. One of the things on my bucket list is to see all 50 states so I’ll be making quick stops along the way to see some highlights from states I’ve never been to.

*As a friendly tip for whoever has to pack their life or at least a bunch of clothes use the Space Saver bags that you can vaccum the air out. I packed all my clothes in them and its the only reason I could fot everything and still have space left over.*

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