Quick look around Nashville

This weekend I made a quick trip to Nashville for a high school friend’s wedding. My mom and I flew in a day early so we could see the sights. We only had a day and a half to be able to walk around and I felt what we saw were the highlights of Nashville. I know we missed some things but I think if we had a car of the remaining half of the second day we could have knocked off the remaining spots to see around downtown.



It seemed that the main road in Nashville was Broadway which housed all the Honky Tonks. Most of the attractions we visited were by this road and walking distance since we did not rent a car. We had lunch at Rippy’s  which had excellent barbeque and live music. I went out a couple times at night and we just walked from bar to bar until we found a place that played music that we liked. Everything was live bands and you had your choice of authentic country music, bands playing covers of country songs, and some bands that played covers of all different types of music.

Broadway in Nashville


The Ryman Theater

This was the original location for the Opry and was right off Broadway and Fifth. You can go inside for $10 or do the guided tour which takes backstage and through all the dressing rooms for $20. We did the guided tour and it was worth the extra $5 to get to hear all the stories about the various performers and see the spaces they had to get ready. It was also cool seeing the view of the seats from the stage. I actually preferred the Ryman over the new Opry stage just because of the history of the building and the talent that walked the stage.

Ryman Theater


The Grand Ole Opry

We had to get a cab to see the theater because it was quite a drive outside of the city. The cab fare was $25 each way, which for us wasn’t bad because we were splitting it but just keep it in mind it costs a lot just to get there. The building itself is incredible and I loved the details they did with the concrete and wood. It was also cool because the interior of the building stayed very true in style with the Ryman theater. They kept the church pew seating and even took pieces of the floor and made a circle where the performers stand so that way they can stand where the legends did (they let us stand on the circle in the tour).  In order to even get in the building you have to buy a ticket to the tour which was $20. This also took you backstage where we saw where the performers entrance was and all their dressing rooms. It was an expensive stop but I felt that it was a must see because how can you go to Nashville and not see the Grand Ole Opry?

The Country Hall of Fame

This was my favorite building in Nashville and had AMAZING use of materials and forms. My favorite was a staircase that had cables from the light fixture hanging down the center and a wall filled with gold and platinum albums. The museum part was also very nice and it was interesting learning about the evolution of country music. As someone who likes country music I am glad that I went through the museum but if it’s not really your genre I wouldn’t spend the $20 to walk through. Just pop your head inside the lobby to see the awesome interiors.

Studio B

I really enjoyed this tour. the only unfortunate ting is that you can’t do this tour by itself it’s an add on for either the Hall of Fame tour or the Hatch Printing tour. This means that if all you wanted to do was this tour you would spend $35 in total. It was very cool seeing the studio that Elvis and many other famous singers recorded their hit songs. We even got to see the piano that Elvis used to warm up on. The guide we had was awesome and you could tell she was so passionate about the history on the music that went through the studio and all the people who helped create it.

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