Leaving the Outback to the City of Adelaide


We left the cattle station pretty early so we could have more time in Adelaide our first major city for the trip down the middle. After only driving for 10 minutes we got a flat tire. Luckily we were very close to thw station which had plenty of tools to make changing the tire quick and easy, however, it took us forever to turn the bus amd trailer around so we could make it back I uphill. Once we got to the cattle station the owner and some other workers helped Damien get the tire off. They were having problems with the jack so the owner suggested getting the forklift to jack up the bus. It definitely made changing the tire easier. Once we got the new tire on we all pilled back into the bus and headed to Clare where we were going to have our wine tasting. We only were running an hour and a half behind which wasnt too terrible.



We finally arrive in Clare Valley and we did wine tasting at Sevenhill which is the oldest winery in Clare Valley. I preferred the wines at Tyrrell but they had a liquor that was delicious. It was sweet and more like a dessert liquor. Once the wine tasting was done we wandered around the insidenof the winery where all the barrels were stored.



While we waited for our picnic lunch to be ready we walked around the grounds and into the church they had on the vineyard. Sevenhill winery is one of the top providers for alter wines in the area.





After lunch it was a 2 hour drive to Adelaide. We drove on the northermn expressway which was a memorial highway that had bridges all named after important battles in Australia. When we arrived in Adelaide we went to the hotel which was super nice. There were not only clean white fluffy towels for us to use but also toiletries!!!! It was a huge upgrade from what we have been staying in for the whole trip including the east coast. Needless to say I took a very long super hot shower then took a nap until dinner. I have been exhausted and starting to feel a little sick again from the lack of sleep, alcohol, and all the constant activity. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant then a couple of us went out to a bar to meet up with a guy from our east coast trip.



One response to “Leaving the Outback to the City of Adelaide

  1. Hi Nicole, looks like more beautiful weather! Thank goodness your flat tire was near some place where it got fixed, and you were all safe! Your not missing much at home, although we did have a small hurricane Go by way out east of the Bahamas, her name was Bertha. Lol… We have had some rainy days, and it’s been hot hot hot. Kinda like you guys look on that couch!!! Lol so enjoy your cooler weather while you can! So happy you got a hot long shower and will be comfy sleeping? Rest up, and stay safe! Hugs!


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