Crossing the border to South Australia


Today was a loooong bus driving day so we left at 6 and stopped at the Southern Australia and Northeen Territory border for lunch. We tpok some group photos cleaned up and headed out.


I think it’s because we were on a bus for 8 hours but I have reached the point of the trip where I’m starting to question what I want in life. If you havent seen my post a I have quit my job of 3 years, traveled for a couple months and then will apply for jobs in Chicago and move there. Now that I have taken a long time and stepped away from reality I have a whole new perspective on my life. I started working 4 days after my graduation from college and during school I was studying all year by taking summer classes. I now realize that how I was living my life was not true happiness. Don’t get me wrong I love my life, my friends, my family, and even the type of work I do. However, I need to start thinking more about myself and my mental and physical well-being. I am the kind of person who considers myself last and I will push to do my best in everything I attempt. I have alot of new decisions that need to be made when I get back to the U.S. and I’m so happy that I took this time before all these new changes in my life to detoc and make the best choices for myself.

Ok no more cheesy stuff and back to my outback adventure….as we finally were approaching Cooper Pedy you could see all the mounds of dirt from the opal mining. There looked like millions of mounds as we drove in. Damien was telling us that 65% of the residents live in the mountains like our hotel was going to be.

When we got to the hotel we all walked in holding hands on the dark following Damien. Once we all got inside he turned on the lights to surprise us. It was so crazy spending the night in a cave with rock walls, ceilings, and floor. We dropped off our bags and went to the pizza place acrosd the street which was 1 of 2 restaurants in town. It was a super small town with 1 main road that ran through it. After dinner we went to an underground bar to play pool amd grab some beers.

3 responses to “Crossing the border to South Australia

  1. Hi Nicole, I don’t see your blog about crossing the boarder! Al righty there Matie!!! Lol looking forward to hear all about it!


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