Early Start to Yulara


We were all on the bus at 5:30 this morning which was extremely difficult since I got a double bed that was very comfortable. I somehow rolled myself out of bed and onto the bus. We met our final new person who is a guy from Utah. He is super nice and is actually trying to be apart of the group. He goes around talking to everyone and really makes an effort. The swiss girls are still off on their own, the Toronto girl is slowly coni g out of her shell, and the Boston girl sits at the front of the bus not talking. For me personally one of the best parts about doing a tour like this is all the interesting new people you meet and the new friendships that evolve. I know some people are very shy and prefer to be by themselves but I strongly suggest to try to put yourself out there and talk to someone.

Anyway back to what I actually did today…..we started driving super early so we could arrive to Yulara before dark which was a 6 hour drive away. Damien pulled over after a short amount of time I  the car to watch the sunrise over the horizon.


We got back on the bus after taking a couple pictures and headed out, only stopping for bathroom breaks and to refuel. The scenery is completely different from the east coast and reminds me alot of a roadtrip I did with my family through Nevada.


We finally made a stop at Kings Canyon for a hike to the top and then linch when we finished. It was a pretty steep climb and definitely a workout trying to keep up with Damien’s speedy pace. It was a beautiful view the whole way up.




When we made it down to the bottom we had wraps for lunch then it was back on the bus for a couple hours. Even through its long bus rides it doesn’t seem so bad because we made stops and stretched out legs hiking. Our next stop was a quick photo break to see Mount Connor and Lake Amadeus. The rock was the same height as Uluru but larger in circumference.



We finally arrived at the campsite where we all started chopping vegetables for dinner. It was another night in swags under the stars which I never mind because I love falling asleep while staring up at the stars.


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