Second Part of the Tour: Down the Middle of Australia Starting in Alice Springs


It was a rough morning waking up because our ac broke in the middle of the night so I didn’t get much sleep and the hangover didn’t help. I went downstairs to get a piece of toast and meet up with everyone else who was leaving and found that everyone woke up to see us leave and say goodbye. When the van arrived we loaded up our bags and then gave final hugs to everyone staying. I made some amazing friends that I know I’ll see again.


We got to the airport and Max checked in on a different airline since he was going home and we were all flying Qantas. Doing G Adventures was great because they had the flight all taken care of and we were able to check in as a group. After checking in our bags we met back up with Max to go through security and get something to eat in the airport. We parted our ways with dad (Max) and got on the very small plane to Alice Springs. It was only a 2 hour flight but the weirdest part was having to set back our clocks 30 minutes because of the time zone.



As we were walking to bagage claim we ran into Damien who was our new guide. He seems really nice and fun but definitely not Max. We got really lucky with Max because he was such a great person and CEO (cheif experience officer. Its what G Adventures calls their guides). We grabbed our bags and threw them in the bus and headed to our accommodation for the night. It was more like a hotel which we were all happy about because we were tired of bunkbeds. It was 2 or 3 to a room but everyone got their own bed. Each room also had a nice HOT shower, a tv, and mini fridge.


After laying down for a couple minutes a group of us went with Damien into the city of Alice Springs and walked around while he went grocery shopping. There really wasnt much to see and we all emded up going to the grocery store to get a big thing of water, some snacks for the bus, and booze to last us for the next couple days while we camp. After 2 hours we met back up with Damien and headed to the hotel. There was a huge rock face on the edge of the hotel grounds where wallabies lived. So we bought a couple bags of pellets that they sold in reception and fed wallabies! They were so soft and sweet. They would hold your hand while they ate out of it.




Once we ran out of food we all layed in bed and watched some tv or napped until our 6:45 meeting with the new people. When it was time for the meeting we all walked over and went through pretty much the same into as in Sydney then ate some pizza. We only met 4 of the 5 new people and they were all girls. Two were from Switzerland and pretty much just stayed with each other. The other two were a girl from Toronto and a girl from Boston. Claire (the other american from the previous trip) and I were trying to talk to them but they kept giving short answers and not really meeting us half way. The Boston girl would even roll her eyes with other people from our group would talk about things that happened before. We would try explaining things to them so they would get what or who we were talking about but we got nothing. Hopefully its just tonight because I’m sure it was very intimidating to them that most of the group is already so close and they are just getting into the group. So we shall see how tomorrow goes and if they still only want to hang out with each other it’s their loss because we are a pretty fun group.

I’m going to be traveling to the outback and camping out in swags for the next couple days which means absolutely no service so it will be a while before you guys hear from me again.

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