First Set of Goodbyes


Today was a fun but sad day. There are only 9 of us that are doing the coast and middle of Australia tour for the whole 25 days. The rest of the group only did the coast and when we fly to Alice Springs we will meet 5 new people who only signed up for the middle of Australia tour as well as a new guide. We have all become so close and really are like a family. We even called one of the people on the tour mom since she was the oldest and our guide was dad. I have met some amazing people from all over the world and shared some incredible memories with each of them. There were a couple people that I became really close with and it was so difficult to say goodbye. I’m so happy I did a tour because I know it would not have been anywhere near as fun as spending a couple weeks with the same group of people.

Ok so now what I did today….as you know our skydiving was cancelled in Byron Bay because of bad winds so it was rescheduled for Cairns. However, we woke up to rain and clouds and another text saying our dive was postponed. Cairns’ temperature is just like Miami. It was humid and hot and it rained on and off the entire morning. The worst was it was sunny but the sky was filled with clouds which is why we couldn’t dive. So after doing laundry and sharing photos we got the text saying the dive was officially cancelled. We took the shuttle into the center of Cairns to get lunch and walk around. There wasn’t much to see and I was really wishing I had cancelled my skydive  like Scott and went for another scuba dive in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef (when he got back he of course did not hold back on rubbing in how amazing the reefs were). Just means I have to come back to Australia for another dive. After walking around for a bit Becca and I got ice cream and then headed back to the hostel to shower, repack, and take a nap before dinner.



It was our last night together so we knew it would be a long night. After a solid 2 hour nap we got ready for dinner and all signed a flag for Max thanking him for an awesome time. We all threw in $10-$20 each as a tip for him. I don’t know if that’s standard but we all agreed we wanted to do something extra since he really was an awesome guide. Once we were all ready we took the shuttle into town and ate a restaurant that later in the night turned into a club. We all danced and laughed until 2:00 am. It was a great night.



This picture below perfectly sums up my experience on this trip. Max burnt his finger earlier on the trip barbecuing and soon realized how much it freaked me out. He would always use it to point if I asked a question and generally found ways to get me to accidentally look at it. I know that sounds horrible but Max was awesome and such great fun. You can also see Scott reaching for my neck because of course they all found out how ticklish I was. It really was like a huge family that joked with each other.


2 responses to “First Set of Goodbyes

  1. I am FINALLY catching up on your trip (I took the day off >.<) and had to laugh out loud about the neck thing! You'll have to tell me how they found that out so quickly! Took us here -what, 3 years?!



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