Sailing to the Whitsunday Island

Because I’m pretty far behind in my posting and we have just been sailing, I’m combining a couple days in my post. We also have no plugs on the boat so I didn’t take as many pictures trying to save my battery.


We woke up outiside and had to roll up our swags and sleeping bags before we could eat breakfast which was another full meal of eggs, ham, beans, and toast. I have been pleasantly surprised at the food they have been serving on this tour. They have served pretty much all homemade meals and so many different types of meals and snacks.

After breakfast we all had to pack another day bag since our bags are going to be stored in the back of the boat and not accessible. We stopped at the actual cattle farm and fed some cows, goats, and even saw the foal that was born a week ago.




We took a bus for 5 hours to the dock where the maxi sailboat was. It was much smaller than I expected but somehow we fit all 21 of us plus the 4 crew members.


We all went downstairs and claimed our beds then went to the top of the boat and watched the sunset as we sailed. For dinner they made us spaghetti with salad and garlic bread. The kitchen is the size of my bathroom in my old apartment yet they made these delicious meals. After dinner they had us split in trams and we played some games. After hanging out some more on the deck we all went to sleep.


I woke up at 5 am because we had to start sailing early because we didn’t get as far as they wanted yesterday since the wind was blowing against us. I laid in bed until brrakfast which was at 7 am. The water was a little rough so I went upstairs to get some fresh air since I wasn’t feeling too well. There were quite a few people who werent feeling well at all. After sailing for a bit more we anchored by a beach on the Whitsunday Island and took a dingy to shore.


They had the finest sand I’ve ever seen and it was 98% silica. NASA is the only one who has removed sand from the island and it was used to make the lens in the Hubble Telescope. On our way to the nicest part of the beach we passed some amazing lookouts.




A few of us walked around the shore and saw a ton of stingrays. After walking around a bit I laid down on my towel and passed out. I was so tired since I didn’t sleep that great on the boat. After a couple hours of beach time we walked back to the dingy to get back on the sailboat. We then sailed around the corner and snorkled for a bit. There were so many fish that I have never seen before. I saw 4 different kinds of parrot fish, one of them was a blood red. After snorkling for a bit we went back to the boat for dinner and some more lounging around. It wasn’t a crazy night because most of us were diving at 8 am the next day.

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