Diving in the Great Barrier Reef


Today im so excited because we get to dive the Great Barrier Reef!!! Granted it is a reef on the ever edge of the Great Barrier Reef but I’m counting it. It has been 9 years since I’ve gone diving so I was a little nervous about going down without a refresher course. They offered a beginner dive for people who have never dove before so I figured I’d just do that. It was a shallower dive and o ly for 20 minutes. Most of it was going over the basics and the guy pretty much held them the whole time. I thought that was a good refresher and best of all it was only $65. Once we got on the boat we separated into groups and the head guy asked if any if us were certified and another guy from our group, Scott, and I raised his hand. I went up to the guy and told him that I haven’t dove in 9 years and I didn’t remember anything.  The guy was super nice and assured me he would take care of me and that I would hate having to do all the basic stuff since it takes so much time out of actually diving and seeing the reef. I took his advice and suited up with Scott. Luckily Scott also hadny dove in a couple years so the instructor was really great with us. I’m so happy I did that because we were able to dive 12 meters and for 36 minutes. I was amazed how much it came back to me, it was like riding a bike. I really need to keep up with diving because I realized how much I miss it. It is such an amazing feeling being surrounded by fish and corals that I’ve never seen before. I got to see 2 HUGE sea cucumbers which was so cool since I’ve never seen one before. Once we finished diving we went back to the boat to sunbathe and drink while we sailed back to Arlie beach.



After docking to Arlie Beach we showered at the hostel since we couldn’t really shower on the boat. It felt so good to take a proper shower and wash all the salt water out of my hair. We then had lunch at the bar next door and I got buffalo wings and beer since I have been craving wings since Byron Bay. They don’t really have buffalo wings like back home but it at least satisfied my craving.

After lunch I took a nap and then we all met up for dinner. Tomorrow we are getting on a train for 10 hours to get to Cairns. The bus is picking us up at 5:10 am so some people tried to party the whole night, I on the other hand went to bed at 11:30 because I was so tired and knew I wouldn’t sleep very well on the train.


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