Bungee Swing in Cairns and 10 Hour Train Ride


Most of the day was pretty boring since we had to be on a train for 10 hours in order to get to Cairns. We had to catch a bus at 5:15 am!!! A lot of people went out partying so they were all a mess but at least everyone was there on time. The bus ride was only 45 minutes to the train station and we were getting on the 6:30 am train. If our bags were less that 20 kilos we were able to check them on so we didnt have to worry about keeping them with us. My bag weighed 14 kilos which means it went up 2 kilos since the last train ride we took. Eat seat had a little tv with movies and shows so that kept me entertained for a bit. We also ate up some time exchanging pictures on Max’s laptop since we all bought flashdrives in town. I think next time I travel like this I will being a little blank flash drive with me because I have a bunch at home and it was nice having it to store all the photos. Our group created a facebook feoup which people have been putting pictures on but sometimes they dont post everything so it’s nice having a drive with all the pics that I can weed through. It was 4:40 pm by the time we arrived in Cairns and it was so hot and humid. I definitely felt like I was back home. We all got on a bus and went directly to the AJ Hackett bungee jumping tower. One of the girls on the tour won an auction for a charity that included her own room in Cairns and a bungee swing. When we got there 2 other girls went bungee jumping and I joined Emma and our guide Max on the swing. It was AWESOME! We all were strapped in and layed on our stomach while the cable was pulled back then I got to pull the cable and we swung like a pendulum over a forrest. When we went up I could see the city of Cairns in the distance. It was so much fun!!!!



Still hoped up on adrenaline we went to the hostel to claim our rooms then have some dinner.

One response to “Bungee Swing in Cairns and 10 Hour Train Ride

  1. Your so brave Nicole! I like my feet planted safely on the ground. Life is great for you and am so happy for you! Keep on trucking baby!


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