Sleeping Under the Stars at the Cattle Ranch


We woke up and drove to a part of the beach where the planes take of on the beach. Some people went for a scenic flight but I stayed on lamd sonce it was $75 for a 15 minute flight and I’d rather use that money to go scuba diving. It was strange because the beach was a highway for cars but also a runway for planes.

When they landed we drove back to the ferry and took the cars to the train station.


It was a 4 hour train ride to the cattle station then 45 minutes on a bus to the middle of nowhere. The cattle station was an open barn with a bathroom, shower, and large fireplace stove.


Before we could eat dinner we all had to put on cowboy hats. They made us beef stew that was a close contender to my grandma’s. After dinner we all sat around the fire and roasted marshmallows. A couple of us walked a little further out and watched the stars. It was so far away from any light pollution that the stars filled the sky just like when i was in the Otways with my mom. We then had to set up our swags which is like a large canvas personal tent that our sleeping bags go in. They are more like a larger sleeping bag with a pad on the bottom that you zip yourself into. It was one of the best moments on the trip sleeping under all the stars. It did get a little cold in the middle of the night but once I put a jacket on I fell right back to sleep.


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