Two Days in Fraiser Island


I can’t believe I’ve been on this tour for a week already! It’s been so much fun and time has just flown. Im so happy I did the tour instead of going by myself. I have made some great friends on this trip and it’s so nice being able to share all these experiences with others.

We left Brisbane at 8 but had a charter bus to pick us up. They drove us to Rainbow Beach where we got into three 4×4 cars. We drove for a bit and then got on a ferry with the cars which took us to Fraiser Island.



We drove the cars on the beach which was actually a highway down to our campsite. We stayed in tents that were on platforms.  They had enclosed buildings for showers and bathrooms so it was fancy camping. Our first stop after dropping off our bags at the site was to Lake McKenzie which had the softest and whitest sand. Some people went in the water but it was way too cold for me.


For breakfast they made us a huge breakfast with bacon, eggs, and toast. They then drove us to a lookout called Indian Head which was a huge cliff that we had to hike up barefoot. We were able to see whales jumping out if the water.





We then went to the Champagne Pools which was a couple pools where the sea water flowed into it. I found a pair of nice sunglasses on the bottom of the pool because the water was so clear. Some people went in the water but it was a little cold so most of the girls sat out in the sun to tan. Once the beach got a little busy we went back to the campsite for lunch.


After lunch we drove down to Eli Creek which was a flowing freshwater creek that we fliated down like a lazy river.


After floating down 3 times in the creek we went to see the shipwreck on the coast which landed there in the 1930’s and they just left it there in the beach.


We then went back for dinner and drinks around the campfire.

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