Chill day in Byron Bay


Today was a very lazy free day in Bryon. It was a rough time in the morning getting ready but then we all got a text saying that skydiving was cancelled because of the high winds. Alot of us then went back to bed and when I woke up I did some laundry since the hostel had washers and dryers. When my load was finished a girl on our tour named Becca and I walled back down to the city. Her and I both needed hats for the remainder of the trip for the places that are going to be very sunny. We walked in some stores until we both found hats. We then stopped for lunch and ran into our guide Max. We sat with him and ate and told him about how skydiving was cancelled. The best part of being on an organized tour is that he took xare of everything. He got the entire group rescheduled to jump when we reached Cairnes since the company was also based there. Becca and I then walked down to the beach looking for the other but when we couldn’t find them we headed back for a nice looong nap. By the time we got up we had to get ready for dinner and the movies. A group of us went to the local cinema and some watched Sex Tape while me and two of the boys saw The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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