Part 2 of my Australia trip: The Guided Tour

Today I said goodbye to my mom since she was flying home and I am staying in Sydney to start my 25 day tour up the coast and down the middle of Australia. I really enjoyed this trip with her and it was very special having part of our trip just be her and I. I’ve traveled with my family tons of times and I have loved every trip but there is something very unique and special about traveling with just your mom or dad. Being able to experience new places, food, and people with each other was very interesting. As I got older I enjoy spending more time with my parents because you find out so much bout them and their personality now that they don’t have to worry about children. I always new my parents liked trying new things but its not until recently that I realized how daring my mom is. She went skydiving with me for my birthday and when I said I wanted to do the Sydney Bridge climb she was excited to do it as well. As an

adult I recommend traveling with a parent. You will learn so much more about them and at least for me its a way we have strengthened our relationship. I feel like we have moved on from just a parent-child relationship to something much deeper.

  As for the rest of my day I dropped my back off at the front desk and started going inside all the churches and museums that we only saw from the outside. For lunch I walked back to the botanical gardens and sat and people watched while I ate my pbj sandwich that I made in the hotel.



After sitting for a little longer I walked to the Contemporary Art Museum and walked around. I also went into the Public Library to look around and they had a free exhibit about Australian troops in WWII.

I then made my way to the pillar lookout because the ticket was included in the bridge climb. If there is absolutely no way that you can afford the bridge climb the pillar lookout is a great way to see the view. Granted it was not as high and there is no replacing that feeling of have a completely unobstructed 360 degree view of Sydney.

I then took the bus back to the hotel to pick up my back and walked to the Base Sydney hostel where my tour was staying for the night. The hostel was really nice and the people in my group all seem very cool.


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