Last Day with my Mom in Australia

Today is the last full day for my mom in Australia. We slept in and my mom asked the front desk about a clinic for me to go to since even though I was feeling better I still had a cold and 25 days left of traveling. We made an appointment for a clinic at 3:45 and decided to walk down to the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Kalil’s were back in Sydney since they’re flying out tomorrow with my mom so they joined us to the gardens. The gardens were gorgeous and had great views of the opera house. The gardens were huge so there was plenty of beautiful places to wander around.



We took the bus back to the hotel but still had some time to kill before the doctors so we repacked. I wish I went to the doctor that forst day I was sick but I was hesitant because I assumed it would be incredibly expensive since we didnt have insurance. Boy was I wrong. The appointment itself was $60, which back home is sometimes just your copay to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed me cough medicine and 2 doses of antibiotics since I told her I was traveling for a while and she wanted to make sure I had enough in case 1 dose wasnt enough and I couldn’t get to a doctor. All 3 medications cost $42! After the doctors mom and I finished packing then had dinner with the kalils.

3 responses to “Last Day with my Mom in Australia

  1. At some time I want to hear what it meant to do this part of the trip with your mom…you have time to think about it:)


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