Got some Blue Mountain healing

So I didnt post anything yesterday because I woke up feverish with a stuffed nose and sore throat. I spent the whole day sleeping and laying in bed watching Sydney out the window. It was pretty lame but I needed the rest since I still have 27 days left of my trip. It wasn’t all bad because I had my mom here to take care of me ans it was nice spending the whole day with her watching movies and chatting.

Day 14 (7/12/14)
This morning we woke up and took a bus tour to the top Blue Mountains to see the rock formation called the 3 sisters. It was a nice drive up and the fresh air felt really good after being in a hotel room all day. We went to Scenic World which an area that had a bunch of nature trails through the rainforest as well as the steepest train track and gondola that went over the tree tops. It was $35 to get in but the views of the 3 sisters was amazing and it was so beautiful walking though the forrest . However, as we drove up I did notice some free trails but I dont know if they had views to the rock formation. At the end the guide took us to his favorite lookout spot called Lincoln Rock which was crazy! It was a cliff with no guardrail so you can sit on the edge of the cliff. It was incredible.







One response to “Got some Blue Mountain healing

  1. guys! Nicole, your doing a great job writing this “runaway Travler” blog, reAlly enjoying it! Your also a day ahead it’s still the 11th here! Keep having a great time!!!


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