Arrive in Perth

Day 7 (7/3/14)

Our flight was at 9 am to Perth so we got a cab at 7 to the airport. Because Australia is sooooo big we actually had to set our clocks back 3 hours because of the different time zone. Our flight was delayed by an hour so arrived at baggage claim at 1:30 pm. As I looked for our bags my mom found Val and Julien (the couple that we met in Florence, Italy 10 years ago and who we will be staying with). We got a tour of their house and gardens (my moms favorite part). It was funny that the style of houses and the plants that they grow in their yards are very similar to South Florida. As we were walking around their garden I could spot many plants that were at our house.

We had lunch then Val took my mom and I to the beach with their dog Sheeza. She is an agility dog that has won a ton of metals and is the sweetest thing. The beach was beautiful with some rocks at the edge and some pretty bug waves. There were lots of surfers out in the water.



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