Last Day in Melbourne

Day 6 (7/2/14)

Today was the start of the part of the trip where it was just my mom and I. We took the opportunity to sleep in and we wandered around downtown trying to find a target to get some more medicine (mom and I still had a lingering cold from the start of the trip) and I wanted to get a zip up hoodie since the sweater I brought wasn’t as warm as I needed. I love getting lost in a city because to me it’s the best way to see things that are interesting but not on the typical tourist list. Needless to say we got very lost and saw a lot of new buildings.

After dropping off our shopping bag back at the hotel we took the free city circle trolly to Federation Square for lunch. We ate a burger place called Beer Deluxe and had the best burger I’ve ever tasted and my favorite beer so far on the trip called Hop Hog which was an IPA from the Feral Brewing Company.


After lunch we went into a museum in the Federation Square that had an exhibit showcasing Mid-Century Mordern furniture from Australia. This was a huge treat for me because this is my favorite era of interior design. It was very interesting how similar the furniture was to the american pieces from the same era and yet the details and especially fabric patterns were more specific to the area.



After the museum we walked across the street and got tickets to see the King and I that night. We then got back on the trolly and got off at the pedestrian bridge called the Web Bridge before going back to the hotel to change for the show.



We saw the King and I at the Princess Theater which looked like an older theater that had a beautiful interior with a huge chandelier and molding detail all over the walls and ceiling. The show was so great amd all the actors were fantastic. I grew up watching the cartoon version of this play with my mom and brother so it was very special experiencing the play with my mothet.



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