Parrot Party Leaving the Otways

Day 5 (7/1/14)

Today was our last day at Top of the Otwsys so Deanba and i decided to walk around the property. There was the house for the owner, 2 cottages for guest and a barn and padture for the 40 sheep. We ran into Josh who let us walk inside the gate with all the animals and we looked for koalas and wallabies that sometimes were on the property. We didnt see any but the view was incredible. It was ontop of the mountain so you literally saw the top of the Otway.


We stayed in the cottage to

We stayed in the cottage to

Once we checked out we drove down another winding dirt road where we saw more koalas, 3 wallabies, a different types of parrots. There was a group of blue and red parrots that I really wanted a piture of so I got out of the car and slowly walked down the road to get close to them amd got a shot I was very proud of. This was until we got to thw bottom of the mountain where we saw a tour bus pulled over with people feeding wild parrots from their hands. The samr birds I tried stealthily to take a picture of were now flying in my hand and at my feet. Deanna was so excited she hopped out of the car and ran to the general store to get bird feed. It was the most random and incredible experience.


Once we ran out of feed we got back in the car and drove along the Great Ocean Road. This part of the road was right on the edge of the water and wound alonh the cliff edge. We would stop at little towns on the way and even to walk down to the beach to touch the Pacific Ocean.

After the long drive we got back to Melbourne where we dropped off the car, went to the hotel, and then out to dinner. We ate at The Mint which was a delicious restaurant right next to the Melbourne Mint. Tonight was our last night together until we meet back up in Sydney. My mom and I are flying to Perth on Thursday to see some old friends while Donna and Deanna will be seeing Uluru amd Cairns for some scuba diving.

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