Out in the Otways

orry for the delays amd mess ups in posting. I am doing everything from my phone which has been tricky enough and I also haven’t had wifi since we were out in the woods and the hotel we are at now has horrible connection. Bear with me everyone and I’ll post everything we’ve been doing as soon as I can.

Day 3 (6/29/14)


fter spending 2 days walking around downtown Melbourne we left in the morning to pick up our rental car to drive out to the Otways which is a forrest in southern Australia. The original car that we had reserved was a convertable and our tgought was it would be nice to drive down the Great Ocean Road which is the highway that runs right next to the coast with the top down. When we arrived at the rental place the top wasnt working and could not get it to work. This ended up working out much better because we got an SUV instead which was able to comfortably fot all 4 of us along with our bags. It also was a much more appropriate car since we drove along dirt roads in the forrest as well as the fact that it is winter in Australia and the temperature is in the 50’s (Fahrenheit) and raining.


Once got our car we headed off to the Otways driving on the highways that were inland since we planned on driving along the coast on the way back to Melbourne. The forrset was beautiful and looked like a scene from Jurrasic Park. There were huge tree ferns and they were everywhere. When we rolled the windows down eeucalyptus scent filled the car. We arrive at Top of the Otways which was the cottage we were staying in. The owner Josh told us all the places to go so we wasted no time and headed out since it was already 1:30 and it gets dark here at 5:30. We drove down a road that was filled with koalas. We spotted 32 koalas and 1 wallaby!!!

After taking our time with taking pictures with the koalas we arrived at the Cape Otway Lighthouse Station. We walked around the grounds and saw the home of the lighthouse keeper and even went up the lighthouse. It was incredibly windy but the view was amazing. You could see the ocean pounding into the cliff. Onve we finished walking down we had a delicious bowl of potato leek soup to warm ourselves up then went back to the car.

We quick stop at a grocery store and picked some things up to make salads and pasta for dinner. Before we got back to the cottage we pulled over on the side of the road because out in the woods you could see so many stars in the sky. They were all so close and so many that it seemed like there were more stars glowing than the dark sky. You could even see the Milky Way clearly. After we finished eating our homemade meal we headed down the road to see the glow worms. They are found on the damp rockwalls and only show up at night in the dark. We walked along a path to a spot that Josh had laid out logs and we all turned off our lights. They looked like hundreds of tiny LED lights glowing along the wall.

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