First Day of My Outback Journey

My mom, her friend Donna, and I all left Wednesday at 6pm to L.A. where we met up with Donna’s daughter and we caught our connecting flight for 16 hours to Melbourne. We all splurged and got seats in premium economy which is the step below business class. Its was only a couple $100 more but when your ticket is a couple thousand the extra $200 was worth every penny. We got to check in at a separate line, my mom and I got our own row, we had a blanket and pillow, the seat area was a little larger and we got out own TV. Needless to say it made the loooong flight bearable.


Once we landed we took a cab to the apartment we are staying in for a couple days which overlooks the city. The pedestrian bridge to get to the city center is right infront of the building were in. After dropping off our bags and taking showers we headed into the city. We walked down this alley that was filled with little bistros and shops and grabed a quick lunch. I loves just walking arou d the city and staring up at all the buildings. Their use of various materials in such a simple and sophisticated manner on the facade and inside the buildings had me completely mesmorized.


We then found the St. Paul’s church across from the Federal Square which was breath taking. The entire ceiling was wood panels laid out in various ways creating a subtle pattern. There was not a lot of gold or ornate artwork the architecture spoke enough. They used various types of stone, stained glass, wood, and multiple patterns of mosaic tile. Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures.

My favorite place so far was the Federation Square. It was such an interesting unity of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. (Sorry for the crummy quality picture I only took photos on my slr camera not on my phone which I’m posting from)


We also walked down a different side street that was covered in graffiti. There was even a guy spray painting the wall as we walked by. By this time the jet lag was catching up to us so we took the free trolley all the way around the city to scope out what to do the next day.



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