Packed and Ready for Australia!

I leave today for my 45 day trip to Australia. This is the longest trip that I have ever taken and was definitely the hardest to pack for. I will be traveling literally all over Australia during their winter so the temperatures will range from the lowest of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to as hot as 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily the hotel we are staying at after 2 weeks and right before my 25 day tour has a washer and dryer. I figured the only way to prepare for all the different climates and locations is by layering. Somehow I was able to fit everything into my backpack that I used when I hiked up Cold Mountain. We will see if I packed enough or too much.


This is everything that I shoved into my back pack:

2 pairs of jeans

1 pair of quick dry pants

1 pair of jean shorts

1 pair of black leggings

3 long sleeve shirts

2 tank tops (one black and one white)

3 t-shirts (one black, one striped, and one pink)

1 bathing suit

8 pairs of socks

14 pairs of underwear

2 scarfs

1 rain coat with fleece lining

1 black sweater

1 flannel shirt

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