How to be the Coolest People at Disney? Matching DIY Shirts!

It’s less than a week until my group of friends and I head up to Disney for Memorial Weekend. We have gone to Disney as a group every year since 2012 and this year we wanted to go ALL OUT especially since we will be in Disney for the Magic Kingdom 24 hour event “Rock your Disney Side” as well as Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios.

It all started when we all wanted to get a shirt for Drinking Around the World in Epcot but were too cheap to buy any that found online. I knew that we could buy some iron-on transfer sheets and just make our own for much cheaper. Because I love playing around with Photoshop, I created a logo and called our group “The Lost Boys & Girls”. This then inspired us to dress up for the whole trip.

Day 1- Animal Kingdom Animal Print shirts

On Pinterest I found that someone made a shirt with animal print mickey mouse ears. So I bought different animal prints and told everyone to bring a black shirt of their choice. This is great because everyone can be comfortable in whatever shirt they like but we will still match as a group. We used cups and cans as a stencils to make the circles for the ears and then ironed them onto our black shirts.


Day 2- Disney Bounding at Magic Kingdom

Because the theme of the 24 hour event is “Rock your Disney Side”, we all agreed we should Disney Bound (when fans dress up as contemporary versions of their favorite characters). The character I chose was Meg from Hercules so I already had my purple dress and gold accessories ready.

Meg from Hercules Outfit

Meg from Hercules Outfit


Day 3- Drinking Around the World Shirts for Epcot

We are all super excited to drink around the world. I made a blank list with flags from each of the countries that I found online so that way at each country we write what we drank on the list. I printed our logo for the front, the country list, and a modified version of our logo for the back of the shirt. If you plan on doing something similar make sure that you mirror everything before you print so when you iron it on the shirt it is readable.

Day 4- Star Wars Characters at Hollywood Studios

Since we will be visiting Hollywood Studios during Star Wars Weekend (and I am obsessed with Star Wars) some of us will be dressing up as characters while the others have bought Star Wars t-shirts. Gaby was using my old R2-D2 shirt from last year as a stencil to make her own. (Check out my visit last year to Star Wars Weekend here) This year I will be going as my favorite character since I was a kid, Han Solo. It was pretty easy since I already had a white shirt, boots, and blue shorts, all I had to do was make a black vest. I just traced the back of an existing shirt twice and then on one of the cut outs made a cut straight down the middle. I just had to go back and make some minor cuts in the arm holes so it fit better.



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