Probably the Most Important Things on my Bucket List: Moving out of Florida + Seeing Australia

I know I have been hinting at “big things” in my future and now that moment is finally here! I have officially put in my months notice at work and will move to Chicago in the fall to start a new life.

I have wanted to move out of Florida for a long time but I kept letting  life get in the way. I was thinking too far into the future telling myself that I’d move somewhere new for grad school, or if couldn’t find a job in Florida, or after I got my interior design licence. I finally realized that life doesn’t give you a clear opportunity and obstacles (whether good or bad) will come up. I have fortunately been blessed with a very positive obstacle that has been the main reason I pushed aside my goals of moving  out of Florida, my job.

I landed my dream job at an amazing architecture firm right out of school. The hardest part about taking this next step in my life will be leaving a company that I love working for and people I love working with. This is why I gave a month’s notice because I wanted to make sure that before I left there was enough time to wrap everything up as best as I could.

Before I move to Chicago I want to travel for a bit since this is the perfect opportunity to take my time and see new places. I will first be taking an Alaskan Cruise with my family but then my real journey will be Australia. As long as I can remember I have wanted to see Australia and it was one of the first things I wrote down on my bucket list. I have always been infatuated with the different landscapes and inspired by the architecture in all the cities. I knew when I would go to see Australia I would want to take my time and see it all. Which is exactly what I am going to do.

I have been putting money aside for my future ever since I started working 3 years ago. I have saved enough that I can confidently stop working, travel for a couple months, and then move to a new city all while being unemployed. Granted, I was not able to save enough to be unemployed forever and I have to stay in my lovely friend Emily’s guest room for a bit,but it is at least enough that I am not too worried about money during this transition period before I start at a new job. With that being said I am still very nervous about not receiving a regular paycheck. As you can tell by now I am a planner, I make lists and plan things out because I hate wasting my time and spending money on unnecessary things. The idea of not having a steady income or a job ready when I get back is a little scary.

I know everything will work out in the end and right now I just can’t wait to start this new adventure in my life.


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