6. Live on My Own

This is one of the few items on my bucket list that didn’t require me traveling in order to accomplish it. I have always felt it was very important for me to live completely on my own at some point in my life. I had either lived at home or had roommates through my life until last year. I lived in a tiny studio apartment that was perfect for what I needed. It was a place that was close to work and my friends. But most importantly it was dirt cheap. Where I lived and the condition of the apartment was not important to me because at this point in my life I wanted to spend my money on other things like traveling. There was no need to pour money into a place that I barely spent time in. During this past year I have been able to not only afford rent but actually save money for my future as well as finance multiple trips through the year.

I encourage everyone  to live alone at some point in their life. I learned so much about myself and what I wanted out of life. I know it sounds cheesy but I feel everyone goes through a moment in life where they question everything. What do I want to accomplish in life? Where do I see myself in 5 years? It forced me to address all these questions and be completely honest with my answers.  I had to be completely accountable for myself and I hope everyone goes through the same self reflection as I did while in my little apartment.

My Apartment

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