15. Star Wars Weekend


In honor of Star Wars Day I’m going to show you guys my trip to Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios and #15 on my Bucket List.

As you will soon find out I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars. I grew up mesmerized by the movies and to this day constantly re-watch all of them. So needless to say attending Star Wars Weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios was on my bucket list. Last year I went with a fellow Star Wars fanatic on a complete whim. She called me on Tuesday asking if I wanted to go with her that weekend. I of course said yes and we immediately made R2D2 shirts out of duct tape. We got so many compliments on our hand made shirts and it was awesome seeing all the other guests dressed up as their favorite characters.

We stayed the night at my grandma’s in Orlando and woke up bright and early to head to the park. We got there 10 minutes after the gates opened so we missed the Storming of the Gates. (I am going back in May and will not be making this mistake again).  We also missed being able to get in line to get an autograph. Apparently people line up hours before to get a wristband with your assigned time to get an autograph and you only get to pick one celebrity.  We then immediately ran to Star Tours to get our first ride in. After then we staked out the perfect spot for the parade. IT IS A MUST!!! All the characters walk by and at the end all the celebrity guest drive by on cars waving to the crowd. It is awesome and if you are a Star Wars fan you can’t miss it.

We spent the rest of the day walking around taking pictures with the characters, riding Star Tours, and watching the celebrity lectures. There are characters scattered around the park. The main characters had specific locations but then there were also characters that just wandered around. Like the Cantina Band was walking around taking pictures with people. they were the best because they were goofing around with us while we were trying to get a picture and even played patty-cake with us.

One of the great parts of Star Wars Weekends are the presentations/group discussions with the celebrities from Star Wars. Each guest celebrity had their own show where they talked about their experiences while being apart of the Star Wars franchise. It was so interesting hearing all of their experiences and we got to get a new insight on the movies and show that we love.

It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back in a couple weeks so stay tuned! 🙂

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