Coachella 2014: Day 5- Heading Home

It was unfortunately time to fly home. Out flight was out of LAX at 2:30 so we had to rent a car in Palm Springs to drive ourselves to the airport. I budgeted 4 hours to get to LAX because we were leaving around rush hour time and it took us 3.5 hours to get to Palm Springs on Thursday. I don’t know how but we missed most of the work traffic because it only took us a little over 2 hours to get to the airport!

Firefly Bookstore

Firefly Bookstore

Because we had to much time to kill, I had Derrick look up places to see that were close to the airport. I didn’t want to drive too far away and push our luck with beating traffic back to drop off the car. He found an arty street called Abbott Kinney that has a bunch of local boutiques and restaurants. It was perfect to kill a little bit of time by walking up and down the street looking at all the buildings and checking out the stores. I loved how even though it was a  street with stores, all the building’s styles looked different. It wasn’t like a typical strip mall look where all the buildings were the same and the only thing that changed was the sign on the front. This gave it that unique and arty feel that I loved.  One book store we walked into was called Firefly and was my favorite because it had the most amazing collection of architecture books.

Walking around Abbot Mckinney

Walking around Abbot Kinney

On our walk back to the car we stopped in a restaurant called Lemonade to use the restroom and buy a drink. the lemonades were amazing! I had the blueberry mint lemonade and it was awesome. Derrick and Megan really wanted In-and-Out Burger since we don’t have any in Florida but I wasn’t in the mood for fast food so I had some salads at Lemonade. It was set up cafeteria style with a bunch of salad options and you choose as many servings as you want. It was perfect and hit the spot. I even had some left over that I got a to-go box and sealed it up to eat on the airplane later. We then headed to the airport where dropping off the car took seconds and got on the shuttle to check in.

























All-in-all it was a wonderful trip to California and I am definitely planning to go back. Not only were all the sights and food amazing but the people were all so kind. Everyone was so friendly and willing to help and strike up a conversation with you.

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