Coachella 2014: Day 4- Last Day of Coachella

For the last day of the festival we started the day a little later because the first band we wanted to see didn’t start until 3 PM. It was nice to be able to sleep in a bit and take our time with breakfast. We also really wanted to explore the area since we were in California and only seeing the festival grounds. We went to El Paseo which is a street in Palm Desert that has more of the higher end shops. It was fun walking around and window shopping since everything was closed on Easter Sunday. We got our Starbucks then went back to their place for lunch. We ate at this little place on their complex that had a beautiful view of a lake and the most delicious quinoa salad I’ve ever tasted. After lunch we drove around his complex looking at the view with all the beautiful mountains (Derrick’s favorite) and all the modern houses perched on the mountains (my favorite). We even saw the inside of a home designed by Guy Drier which was amazing. When you admire the house as a whole it looks very simple in design but the more you break the pieces down you realize the various materials and the complexity in their connections together. I could have spent the whole afternoon admiring the details and all the materials used.

We then got dropped off at the shuttle in time to see 1975. Today all the bands we wanted to see were on the same stage which worked out perfectly because we just worked our way to the front of the stage to we were super close for Lana Del Ray. It was a little tough standing for 7 hours straight in the same spot so when Lana was done we sat on a blanket to watch Arcade Fire.


Today’s Setlist:


-Blood Orange

-Neutral Milk Hotel

-Lana Del Rey


-Arcade Fire


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