Coachella 2014: Day 3

After another wonderful breakfast with our friends Derrick and I were dropped off at the shuttle to meet up with them later in the day. We were dropped off at the stop where the grocery store was since they needed to get food. The shuttles had so many different lines that picked up in the area. There was a map of all the lines on their website so it was easy to see which one was most convinient for us. There are no times posted because the buses come so frequently. Overall, the they have been an awesome experience.

Once we entered we immediately went to the Art Studios on the camp grounds. We had to exit the actual festival area to get to the camp grounds because the shuttle people had their own entrance, we re-entered with the rest of the people camping. The art studio is a huge tent filled with different arts and crafts and a DJ playing music. Derrick and I made necklaces out of these prestamped pendants, a quilt square that they were going to sew all together and hang, as well as little buttons from magazine clippings. It was so much fun and everyone was so friendly.



After finishing our creations we headed back to see some concerts and ride the ferris wheel.   We were able to squirm our way close to the front of Chvrches (who were awesome). Because the next band we wanted to see was on the same stage, when everyone left after the show Derrick and I moved forward to the front row of The Head and the Heart! I was pleasantly surprised how entertaining they were to watch because their music is very mellow. Sometimes when a band’s music is very chill their performance is as well, but not this band. They were moving all around the stage and the drummer was super excited and awesome to watch. I love seeing bands that really get into their performance and you can tell they are just so happy to be up on the stage doing what they do.


After The Head and the Heart we had some down time before our mad dash like yesterday so we refilled our water bottles and went to ride the ferris wheel. You have to pay but it really is a must. You get to see the entire grounds with mountains surrounding you. It is an incredile view. Once we got off we headed over to see MGMT then Lorde then Foster the People. Unlike yesterday these 3 were only on 2 different stages that were next to each other so we didn’t have as far of a walk.

After seeing everyone we met back up with our friends for food. The food trucks at Coachella have such a huge selection that includes multiple vegan and vegetarian options. Our friend got the vegan BBQ pork and mac and cheese which was incredible. Derrick and I try to cut our spending cost by bringing power bars to eat instead of buying food since things are usually a little pricey.

Megan and I

Megan and I in our Coachella outfits

After everyone finished eating we went to get a good spot for Pharrell which thank goodness we did because his show was INSANE!!! His stage was very cool with dancers and the band behind him but what made the show completely unforgettable was all the guest appearances. Busta Rhymes, Usher, Jay-Z, T.I., and the Jabbawackeez dance crew all came on to sing their songs and Pharrell’s. The last song he sang was Happy and everyone came on the stage including Haim to dance while he sang. It was and awesome way to end the night.



Today’s Lineup:


-Cage the Elephant


-The Head and the Heart



-Foster the People

-Pharrell Williams

-Muse (we left early because it was a letdown, they mainly played music from their new album which I wasn’t crazy about)

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