Coachella 2014: Day 1-Los Angels

The line wrapped around the building and inside it weaved back and forth like a Disney ride

Crazy long line for Avis

We started off the day with our flight being delayed an hour which wasn’t too terrible because we still arrived at LAX at 12:30 which was plenty of time to do the things we wanted. We immediately went to the Avis counter to pick up our car but found a huge line waiting for us. We waiting in line for 45 minutes (and only reached a third of the way) until one of the workers came by and told us that if you pre-paid for your rental there was a separate kiosk with only 2 people in line. There were no signs so thank goodness this man started walking around and that I had pre-paid for the car. I originally pre-paid for the car because it was $10 cheaper to do so but now I will keep this in mind to avoid having to wait in a long line again. They also told us that you can register to be a preferred member online for free which would also help you avoid the super long lines. Once we grabbed our Ford Fiesta (cutest little car) we headed over to Venice Beach for lunch. We unfortunately only had a couple hours to spend in LA so we figured we would eat lunch and then walk down the beach. I found a restaurant called Venice Ale House which had an amazing menu, craft beers, and a view of the Pacific. It really couldn’t get any better. We split nachos and ordered a seared tuna sandwich, black bean burger, and bacon and egg burger. The food was so fresh and delicious and the service was amazing. After eating such a big lunch we asked the waitress where we could get coffee to wake us up before our 2.5 hour drive to Palm Springs. She recommended Menotti’s Coffee Shop which was a little walk down the beach. The coffee shop was the highlight of my day. We walked into this small little shop with very minimal decorations and a rustic feel. The coffee was AMAZING and the owner was really nice and even gave us these Australian cookies to try called Tim Tam Slam. It was such a great experience.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach

My brother and I with the Pacific behind us

My brother and I with the Pacific behind us

Our walk to the coffee shop

Our walk to the coffee shop

Once we were nice and awake we started our road trip to Palm Springs during rush hour. I do not advise leaving anywhere during this time because our 2 hr 30 min drive turned into 3 hr 45 min. We did get accidentally get off at an exit too early but luckily to get back onto the highway we had to drive through downtown LA. This meant seeing the Hollywood sign (from afar of course), downtown, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall which worked out pretty nicely. We finally got to Palm Springs Airport where we dropped off our car and had a friend pick us up and take us to his house.

So excited for Coachella tomorrow! Don’t forget to follow all of us on Instagram #craychella2k14

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