Coachella 2014: Suitcase is packed!

After a successful weekend of shopping I have all my outfits for the weekend completed and packed! I learned from my last trip how excruciatingly hot it gets in the middle of the valley so this time around I made sure to bring a hat and only breathable shirts. It was also important for me to get comfortable and lightweight boots for 2 reasons. One, because there is so much dry dirt being kicked up that I want to minimize the amount that would cover my feet and two, because I want to make sure that the tattoo on my foot is covered since it would constantly be in the sun. I am bringing a small bag that will just hold my wallet, phone, and large water bottle since my brother will be bringing a backpack that will hold our sheet to sit on and a roll of toilet paper (I bring my own roll anywhere that portapotties are your only choice).

Friday Outfit

Friday’s Outfit

Saturday's Outfit

Saturday’s Outfit

Sunday's Outfit

Sunday’s Outfit

My Checklist for Coachella:

-3 hippie chic outfits for Coachella

-2 super comfy outfits for the flight/drive there and back

-over the shoulder purse

-large water bottle

-phone charger (they have charging stations throughout the festival)

-my Jackery portable charger (even though they have charging stations the outlets take forever to charge your phone because they are filled with people’s electronics. I will be using my phone as a camera and to check the lineup on the Coachella app so I know my battery will die quickly)




-roll of toilet paper


-protein bars (food is super expensive so I want to bring my own snacks)

-my Coachella wristband!!!!

3 responses to “Coachella 2014: Suitcase is packed!

  1. I read “Two super comfy outfits for the fight/drive there and back,” which totally made sense. Some of my most memorable blowouts have been on road trips.


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