1. New York during the Winter

The first item that started  my bucket list was seeing New York during the Holidays with everything decorated and lit up. I was never one to have a big party for my birthday (since it is so close to Christmas) that for my 18th birthday I told my parents all I wanted to do was go to New York to see the city lit up. So my mom, my 2 cousins, and I all flew to New York and stayed at a hotel in the heart of downtown. Staying in the middle of Manhattan was a luxury that I had to give up when I started visiting the city on my own. We did all the typical touristy things like see the Statue of Liberty, go up the Empire State Building, and see some plays on Broadway (#2 Bucket List item to follow). It was such a memorable bucket list achievement and being able to experience it with my mom and cousins made it even more special.


If you haven’t seen New York during the holidays I highly recommend grabbing your coat and making your way over. It’s not just the Rockefeller tree that goes up. There are trees wrapped in lights all down the street as well as huge toys placed in front of buildings and almost every place we went inside had some type of holiday decoration. It’s impossible not to be in the holiday mood after a visit to New York in December.

If you are planning to head over try not to go when it’s close to New Years because hotels are very expensive and sell out quickly if you wait too long to book. Also, the amount of people that all of a sudden appear is ridiculous. We left New York December 29 and it really was only the last day that the streets seemed to become more crowded with tourists.

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