Coachella 2014: Tickets have arrived!

This year I will be traveling to California for Coachella with my best friend and brother. This will be my second time attending and their first. Last time I went my friends and I stayed in a tent and camped on the site which was an amazing experience on it’s own and I highly recommend doing at least once in your life. This year however, we will be staying at a friend’s house in Palm Springs and driving to the concert. As much fun as camping was I am very excited for a bed and shower every night this time.

Because it is so expensive to fly directly to Palm Springs Airport, we are flying to LAX from Miami and renting a car to get us to our friend’s house. We will be returning the car that day since we only need it to get us to and from Palm Springs and LAX. This was still much cheaper and we have the opportunity to spend the first day exploring more of LA.

Everything has been planned and purchased for a while and all we have been waiting for was the tickets to arrive, which we just received! I love all the little goodies they include with your wristband. This year they had a mini calendar/ postcards that had pictures from the previous years as well as stickers, a build your own snail template, and a very informative booklet about the concert. Now all we need to do is go shopping for outfits!



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